A new twist on wedding invitations

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Two good friends asked me to help them design their wedding invitations. They came to me after considering a Costco invitation which they knew in their hearts did not represent their unique personalities.

Since they are getting married at the beautiful Drive Thru Tree in Leggett California’s “Avenue of the Giants” park, they envisioned a tall poster. They also envisioned a more modern approach to the wedding invitation. Something more techy and less wasteful.

One brainstorming session later we had given birth to the ‘log’. The invite poster is rolled into a tube along with a little car which prompts the user to rsvp on their website…thus eliminating a paper rsvp. The end caps are tree rings which, other than the obvious connection of ‘rings’ to a wedding, represent the many years that they will spend together.

Greener Printer of Berkeley was chosen to print the poster and the illustration was done by Matt Jervis at kulturhero.com.

Click here for more photos.