Aptera ~ Electric Car

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Traffic Jam Brainstorm

What do you do when you’re stuck in traffic? Some people talk on the phone, engage in elevated verbal communication or practice creative hand gestures. Steve Fambro used the time to drum-up a more efficient way to get from point A to point B.

Frustrated by being land locked in a sea of steel and asphalt, Steve dreamed of cruising past the masses in a vehicle that was safe enough to protect his new family, yet efficient enough to keep money in his pocket instead of feeding a gas pump.

The Solution

The idea was simple yet brilliant. Design a vehicle that follows nature and glides through the wind instead of pushing it. He was almost there, but there was something missing. The answer came when Steve met entrepreneur and boat builder Chris Anthony. Chris introduced Steve to a composite body system that enabled the vision to take shape.

Together, Steve and Chris carried their dreams to Pasadena, Calif. and the doorsteps of new business incubator Idealab and it’s founder Bill Gross. Gross saw the vision and seeded the team with the investment needed to make a dream become a business.

The Rest

With hope in hand and the future in mind, Steve and Chris recruited a couple of bright young engineers. The team brought form to philosophy and the result may very well be the most efficient production vehicle in the world – the Aptera 2e.

Lots more on the $20-$40K car here.