Brand vs Creative Overindulgence

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Pepsi is pulling their new $35M Tropicana packaging after only 7 weeks on the shelves.

Although the new packaging was nice they somehow decided that tossing out the brand equity was the way to go. A huge, costly mistake. The new look has cost them a sales slump of 20% for the brand this year – $33M in sales lost to competitors including Minute Maid, Florida Natural and private labels, all of which are reporting sizable share gains.

My guess is that it was either a slippery slope of little mistakes OR one key person making big rash and inflexible decisions that landed them in this “hindsight” position. One can only guess how the final design was chosen but it does provide a good learning opportunity. “Don’t do that.”

A good solid Creative Brief based on good solid research typically eliminates this scenario. And now we have this debacle to reference whenever a client says “But my wife hates straws.”


new packaging


old packaging