California Academy of Science

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The California Academy of Science opened today in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. We did a website for them awhile ago and it got me on their VIP list. I was invited to take a pre-opening tour last week under the condition that I could not post any photos until opening day, which was today.

“The rebuilding project provided an opportunity to rethink the entire museum-going experience. Rather than recreate the 12 separate structures that previously existed, the Academy chose to build a single entity that is physically and thematically intertwined.

The animals of the Steinhart Aquarium, for example, once confined to their own hall, are now found throughout the building. And the building, itself, now functions as an exhibit – inviting discussion about sustainable architecture and green practices.”

It’s an amazing building.

Here’s some photos and a link to my Flickr page with more.

And here’s a link to some outstanding photos from The New York Times.