Climate Counts Company Scorecard for 2009

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From Climate Counts.

While facing the worst economic recession since the Great Depression, many companies have responded to the urgency of climate change by slashing energy costs, investing in the future, and working to change consumer perceptions of business.

The Climate Counts Company Scorecard provides people with an objective, balanced way to gauge which of the world’s most well-known consumer companies are seriously committed to reversing climate change—and which ones are not. This annual effort scores the leading companies in major consumer sectors, on a scale of 0 to 100, on their practices to reduce global warming. Simply put, the higher the score the greater the company’s commitment to reversing climate change.

Ninety companies in twelve sectors were scored in the third annual Climate Counts Company Scorecard to determine if progress had been made with regard to their company-wide climate commitment. The scorecard sectors include:
Airlines Food Products
Apparel/Accessories Food Services
Beverages-Beer Hotels
Commercial Banking Household Products
Consumer Shipping Internet/Software
Electronics Media

*Sectors scored for the first time earlier this year were as follows: Home and Office Furniture/Furnishings, Large Appliances, Pharmaceuticals, Toys & Children’s Equipment.

Since its first release of scores in 2007, Climate Counts has categorized companies by their scores in the following way: 2009’s Key Findings highlight which companies are Striding to combat climate change, which companies are Starting to take action, and which companies
remain Stuck in their ability to adapt.

12 points or less: STUCK in efforts to address climate change
13-49 points: STARTING in efforts to address climate change
50 points or higher: STRIDING in efforts to address climate change

• 81% of companies improved their score by an average of 22% from 2008 to 2009.
• 45 companies were ranked as “striding” (making progress toward change) vs. 23 last year.
• 14 companies are still ranked as “stuck” vs. 10 last year.
• Nike, the company with the highest overall score of 83 points, improved by 1 point and held onto the top spot.
• eBay’s point increase made it the most improved company from 2008 to 2009, with an increase of 48 points.
• Apple, Levi Strauss, US Airways, and Darden Restaurants all boosted their scores by 30 or more points.
• The sector with the highest average score is the electronics sector (average among 12 companies of 65 points), led by IBM with 76 points.
• The hotels and the food services sectors tied for the lowest overall sector averages of 25 points.

Download the full report here.