Dissecting the Gyre

Posted by on Sep 23, 2009 in Blog | No Comments

Great graphic from Good Magazine that breaks down the plastic gyre in the pacific ocean.


How you can reduce the growth of the plastic gyre:

• STOP using plastic bags. No more plastic bags from the grocery store. No more products packaged in plastic bags. No more zip locks. Reuse the ones you have. I haven’t bought zip locks in 2 years and still have a drawer FULL.

• Recycle ALL plastics you do use. Remember, plastic bags can NOT BE RECYCLED.

• Pick up plastic trash when you see it. The plastic bag on the side of the road will end up in our waterways. Pick it up.

• Tell everyone you know to stop using plastic bags. It’s toxic.

• Carry a bag with you at all times. Put one in your car, put a small one in your purse or backpack or bike bag. Never ever be in a situation that requires you taking a plastic bag. Fast food companies are a big problem. Give them a bag to put your food in.