DK Design Offers Help Breaking Up With Your Big Bank

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About 2 years ago we here at DK Design Studio switched banking with Wamu [after they became Citibank] to a new little green bank in San Francisco called New Resource Bank. We could NOT be happier. They answer their phones. THEY ANSWER THEIR PHONES! It’s amazing how that such a tiny feature can make such a big impression these days. I highly recommend their services. Check them out here.

[The following is from Green America]
Last year, just before Valentine’s Day, Green America launched their “Break Up With Your Bank” campaign. Anger at the big banks and their big bailouts was running high, and the feedback from Green Americans was tremendous, as so many of you switched from the megabanks to community development banks.

Since last year, the community-banking movement has been joined by many others (including the Huffington Post’s great high-profile “Move Your Money” campaign). If you haven’t already, join Green America this Valentine’s Day in breaking up with your mega-bank, and moving your money to a community development bank or credit union.

Click here for to find greener banks and investment vehicles that are right for you.

The first steps really are easy: choose a community bank, open an account, and begin banking with your new, socially responsible bank. You can close the mega-bank account right away, or over time you can move more and more of your banking relationship from the mega-bank to the community bank. And don’t forget to write that “dear John” letter (or email) to the mega-bank telling them why it’s over between you. (Don’t just stop taking their calls!)

More info here.