Dwell on Design Exhibit

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I attended the Dwell on Design Exhibit on Saturday, Septemer 15th.

The Exhibition’s main focus was on prefab, sustainability, affordability, and urban design presented by a dynamic group of speakers and engaging industry partners.

This was the place to be if you are passionate about modern design and smart growth.

A community of thought leaders offering bold ideas, interesting materials, and new products designed to inspire you to express and enhance the beauty, simplicity, and sustainability of your living space. Including the Design Within Reach Airstream collaboration.

Companies like MKD, Empyrean, Flatpack, pieceHomes, and Living Homes are the focus of our 3rd quarter promotional campaign.

Zinc Details

Zinc Details

Design Withing Reach Airstream

Design Within Reach Airstream

sPrefab Home

Prefab Home

Hot Tub

Dutch Hot Tub ~ Dutchtub