Earthbound Farms ~ Food to live by

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The sixth farm I went to was in Carmel, CA. Earthbound Farms is a collective of 150 organic farms who use the same farming methods developed 27 years ago in a small backyard garden.

Their mission is to bring the benefits of organic food to as many people as possible and serve as a catalyst for positive change.

Everything they do ~ farming, energy efficiency, environmental protection, food safety, and contributing to their communities ~ provides fuel for positive change for the legacy of generations that follow.

The farm stand and organic garden I visited in Carmel is just down the road from the original 2.5 acre backyard garden and roadside stand where Earthbound Farm began years ago. They sell organic produce, delicious organic and gourmet groceries, flowers, and have a certified organic kitchen where they make fresh foods [including ice cream].

Behind the farm stand is a Cut-your-own Herb Garden, an Aromatherapy Walking Labyrinth, and a Kids’ Garden.

This farm and farm stand was so beautiful…I often think about their interactive, community building gardens as a foundation for the Kings Beach organic garden plan.

I had the most fabulous lunch here and then headed to my 7th farm….Swanton Berry Farm.

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