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eco stucco is a range of lime plasters designed to provide healthy, functional, and sustainable mineral finishes for walls, facades, and ceilings in the form of artistically handtrowel artisan plasters.

A sustainable alternative to cement plaster, acrylic plaster, and other high embodied CO2 coating products, eco stucco cures and hardens naturally by carbonation and without exhalation of toxic, hazardous gases. During the curing process, the lime (calcium hydroxide) slowly absorbs the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases its water content.

The process results in a mineral crust made exclusively of calcium carbonate – the chemical structure of limestone – derived from the presence of sand and the carbonation of lime.

We recently finished up their website design and programming.

Picture 3

The site is a WordPress CMS system that allows the user to make changes to text and photos without knowing any code.


One particularly interesting feature on the site is the Color & Texture page. We developed a program that allows the user to see the results available with their 216 colors and 7 textures. If you click on a texture and a color you get a representation of what it would look like once applied to a surface.

Picture 4

We had a lot of fun designing this site and working with eco stucco. They are based in Sausalito and have a great product and philosophy.