Federated Media’s Conversational Marketing Summit

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We attended the Federated Media, September 11-12th, Conversational Marketing Summit in San Francisco. It brought together leaders in conversational media and marketing for a two-day dialog around the issues, lessons, and opportunities of this emerging medium.

The impressive line-up of speakers included:
Brands: Absolut, Cisco, GM, Hewlett Packard, Ask.com, Facebook, MySpace, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Symantec, Virgin Agencies: Anomaly, Carat, Ogilvy, OMD, McCann, Starcom Media: AskANinja, Castfire, Digg, Dooce, TechCrunch

This is a exiting new advertising opportunity for both sides of the fence. Not only do bloggers have an opportunity to profit from selling directly to their customers, but businesses reap the benefits of this “word of mouth” marketing that, if executed properly, can be amazingly effective.

We’re very interested in the conversational media world for yet another reason. Designers can finally begin to bridge the gap between businesses and their ability to manage their online marketing messages.

Currently we’re working on a website for Shine, a club in San Francisco, that will employ a WordPress blog base. Our programmers are able to modify the code so that it works like a blog but doesn’t necessarily have to follow the exact rules….giving us the opporunity to make it look more like a traditional website.

This gives your client a professional looking site that allows them to modify the content themselves. They can do a promotion, enter daily news, or in the case of the nightclub Shine, offer up music that was taped the night before.

Tying in an FM campaign in addition to developing a flexible blog based website is the icing on the cake.

.John Battelle speaking at the FM Conference
John Battelle

FM Conversational Media Conference

Presidio, San Francisco