Grocery Store Seafood Sustainability Scorecard

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Excellent report by Greenpeace will help you choose the stores you can support and the fish you can avoid to prevent further destruction of our oceans.

Supermarkets feed the growing appetite for seafood and ring up approximately $16 billion each year in seafood sales. Consumers buy half their seafood at supermarkets, yet as their report reveals, few supermarkets meet this consumer demand with any regard for the marine environment.

See how your local supermarkets stack up in their scorecards. Explore the fish species on their red list and learn why they are in trouble.

As a consumer, you can help support seafood sustainability and ocean protection.

The full report can be downloaded here.

More information here.

They take a very strong stance against Trader Joe’s that you can see here.

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Another entry on our blog from the Monterey Bay Aquarium which provides a pocket guide here.