Macworld 2008

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Steve Jobs introduced the MacBook Air laptop, Time Capsule, an upgrade to the iPhone, and Movie Rentals on iTunes.

The MacBook Air is the most beautiful laptop ever made. I believe it should have been called the Potato Chip…and that’s probably why I don’t work at Apple.

The iPhone Maps software upgrade is exciting. It can find and display its current location, by triangulating on nearby cell towers using technology from Google. It’s a great feature …and a good friend at Google worked on the application!

The rest of the Exhibition was similar to past Macworlds. The Adobe demonstrations are great, Crumpler had a very creative booth again [Karla and I both bought Crumpler laptop bags this year], Belkin’s apartment complex booth is an architectural treat, and you gotta love QUARK still touring with our Launch 7 presentation materials!

Here’s a link to all my photos.