There’s no such thing as too many mushrooms.

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Words to live by. On March 3rd I toured the Gourmet Mushroom organic farm in Sebastopol in Sonoma County.

Founded in 1977, Gourmet Mushrooms was the first farm to grow shiitake mushrooms on a commercial scale. Today, there is a cornucopia of mushrooms that are cultivated by mushroom farms. Gourmet Mushroom grows seven different varieties of certified organic specialty mushrooms which are featured on the menus of America’s top restaurants or sold in fine stores under the MYCOPIA label.

Gourmet Mushroom specializes in wood-growing mushrooms harvested from bottles. There are two other families of mushrooms. One that grow from manure and one from a live host, like moss, mold, or roots.

The plant processes the sawdust mixture [each mixture is different for each variety of mushroom that they grow].

Once the mushrooms digest all the saw dust mixture the flowers start to emerge. At that time, they are put into one of 8 rooms. Each room is designed for the perfect temperature of the mushroom it will house. Below are some of the mushrooms they were harvesting on my visit.

After the mushroom flowers have matured, they are harvested, packaged, and shipped.

Many more photos here.