We went live with “CHAKA’S” MMM Sauces & Marinades new web site in September 2010. The goal was to update the look of the site, use WordPress as the foundation so the client could edit themselves, increase sales, and bring awareness to the product thru Social Networking.

By encouraging the wide-reaching customer base and true fans that use Social Networking and love “CHAKA’S” MMM Sauce to partner with us, we’re able to get the word out quicker and with more honesty than traditional advertising.

After one month, we’re happy to report that the site is generating more visits and sales than we had anticipated….increasing online sales from a year ago by 150%!

We’ve started to roll out their marketing plan with direct mail, digital newsletters, contests, social networking, events, and cooking classes & recipes. It’s a fun company with a quality product. We’re excited to be helping them out.