We love seniors.

The Extend Health Connections website just went live. It’s a community site for seniors where they can take an active role in managing their retirement. Visitors are encouraged to engage with other retirees & help make the site a fun and informative place.

The goal is to build a community where people can discuss the myriad of options, challenges, and experiences of aging. Extend Health did a good amount of research and surveys that helped us determine the best way to present the information…and make it very easy to participate.

We found that, although there is a large selection of senior information sites, the lack of community participation and a meaningful location for sharing was missing. To fix this we determined that it must be easy to navigate, have a type size toggling device, and give the viewer ample opportunities to participate. Users can submit stories, comment on stories, comment on the whole site itself, and jump to social networking.

Such a fun project and a great experience for us! Click here to go to the website.