We love Nancy Boy.

After photographing all the packages for their website we got hooked on their high-quality, natural, intoxicating products.

From their website: Several years ago, with a renegade team of professionals, they set out to turn the beauty business’ style-over-substance business model on its head.

First rule: no advertising or gimmicky expensive packaging; rely instead on word-of-mouth from satisfied customers.

Second rule: take the unspent marketing money and plow it all back into the products.

Third rule: be so confident in their superior quality, offer an ironclad satisfaction guarantee. To do it, they partnered with a family-owned laboratory in Berkeley, in business for over 60 years and the only pharmaceutical-grade lab specializing in the 100% natural essential plant oils that make Nancy Boy products so unique.

Nancy Boy’s over-the-top success story is proof positive that the market is choosing truth over hype, quality over image, and personal, unbiased opinions over manufacturer-produced ads and spin.

Check them out at nancyboy.com or follow along on twitter OR check out their store at 347 Hayes Street San Francisco.