Purple Pedals

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The Purple Pedals bikes, part of the Purple Pedals Project, are not owned by any one individual. They are a series of bikes with digital cameras mounted on the handle bars. The photos are immediately sent into the site so you can basically follow the rider’s progress. Each bike adventure showcases unique events, people, and locations across the globe.

You can tune in to see who’s behind the wheel and where they’ve been.

I caught a couple of them crossing the Golden Gate Bridge with the Amgen Tour of California.


It’s unclear whether or not “anyone” can take the bikes on a trip. I’d LOVE to see them partner with GOOGLE MAPS and develop the must needed bike option missing on their “Get Directions” feature. They currently offer driving, public transit, and walking.


It looks like one of the bikes is over here in the east bay. I wonder if I can head over and borrow it for a ride 🙂