Searching for a Good Cause

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Would your charity benefit from a marketing campaign? Posters, brochures, a direct mail piece with a targeted message to GET THE WORD OUT?

A decade ago, Sappi Paper launched Ideas that Matter, the industry’s only grant program aimed at helping designers contribute their talents to the charitable activities that they care about most.

Sappi believes that the creative ideas of designers can have an impact beyond the aesthetic and that those ideas can be a powerful force for social good. To date, Ideas that Matter has awarded $9 million worldwide in grants supporting causes that range from youth centers and health care awareness to wildlife protection.

We are going to apply for the grant this year and that means finding the perfect charity or non-profit partner.

Ideally this partner would relate to our business focus which is Green Build or Organic Foods however, that is not mandatory. Basically, we’re looking for the perfect fit. A motivated person or group who believes passionately about their cause.

Sappi is a paper company so the campaign will revolve around traditional tangible paper communications like these examples from 2008.

Think books, brochures, direct mail, posters, stickers, fliers. Of course we’ll be using recycled and sustainable paper options.

Don’t be shy. We’ll review and consider all submissions.

All that’s required from you is:

  • The Charity or Non-Profit name and contact information
  • Why you feel compelled to support this cause
  • Any ideas about the campaign you may have or on how a campaign would benefit the cause

Once we choose an idea we’ll contact you to finalize the grant submission. Obviously this doesn’t mean that we’ll get the grant we’re simply applying. Sappi will announce the winners in Fall of 2009.

Due date for submissions to DK Design is May 31st.

Sign up at this LINK.
Fill out as much as you can, leaving blank whatever fields do not apply. Or you can just email us at info(at)dkdesignstudio(dot)com