SEED Conference ~ Chicago

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On Friday I attended a conference on design, entrepreneurship & inspiration, by 37signals, Segura Inc. and Coudal Partners in Chicago at the IIT Campus.

Jason Fried, Carlos Segura and Jim Coudal led the presentation and discussion.

If you read this blog, you know how much I admire Coudal Partners. Their approach to creativity speaks very clearly to me. Going to this conference helped me understand how they arrived at their current fluid state and how to use that as a benefit…..not a detriment.

We discussed how to take control of our own work, seek out methods to inspire new ideas, and how to adopt unconventional ideas about collaboration and business.

We walked away with a clear grasp of how to use ideas to define a creative business. Moreover, I now understand how to better communicate my skills as an “idea person” to my clients.

Here’s a recap from Jason at 37Signals.

The conference was at the Rem Koolhaas designed Campus Center at IIT. A tour afterwards taught us about the Rem Koolhaas and Mies Van Der Rohe architecture. Much more on that in my next entry.


Jason Fried and Jim Coudal


Jason Fried and Carlos Segura


Rem Koolhaas tube at IIT Campus in Chicago