Someday, we will visit this plaque

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Email from Black Rock Solar

On behalf of our board and staff, I’d like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your generous contribution in support of our efforts to build a pair of solar arrays for the Lovelock Elementary School in the Pershing County School District. We’ll be putting the names of all donors to this project on a plaque on the array, as a lasting record of your help.

By building these two systems, bringing a total of 70 Kilowatts of energy, we will save the schools over $16,800 a year in energy costs. In the short term, that’s enough so that the superintendent can keep a teacher’s assistant on the job, making a real difference in the lives of students almost immediately. In the long term, over the life of these systems, this rural school district will save at least $420,000 in energy costs, while providing an unmatched educational opportunity for the students and community to learn about the benefits of renewable energy.

It’s through the support of donors like you that we’re able to do work like this, bringing renewable energy to places that would likely otherwise never see it. To date, we have installed 319 kilowatts of solar, which over the life of the arrays will save at least $1,914,000 at today’s rates.