Sustainable Packaging Coalition

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This entry was sent by our good friend Dennis at Session Creative.

The Sustainable Packaging Coalition is an industry working group inspired by cradle to cradle principles and dedicated to transforming packaging into a system that encourages economic prosperity and a sustainable flow of materials.

What Is Sustainable Packaging?
1. Is beneficial, safe & healthy for individuals and communities throughout its life cycle;
2. Meets market criteria for performance and cost;
3. Is sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled using renewable energy;
4. Maximizes the use of renewable or recycled source materials;
5. Is manufactured using clean production technologies and best practices;
6. Is made from materials healthy in all probable end of life scenarios;
7. Is physically designed to optimize materials and energy;
8. Is effectively recovered and utilized in biological and/or industrial cradle to cradle cycles.

They believe that by successfully addressing these criteria, packaging can be transformed into a cradle to cradle flow of packaging materials in a system that is economically robust and provides benefit throughout the life cycle—a sustainable packaging system.

They offer a class called The Essentials of Sustainable Packaging that you can review or sign up for here.