DK Design Studio Store ~ Now Open

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It only took us 2 years but the DK Design Studio Store is now open. We’ve been doing a lot of work with PropellShops and this is more-or-less a testing site for their service. We’ll be adding a bunch more products in the coming weeks. Enjoy….comment….request items. DK Design Studio Store. You can also check […]

Dissecting the Gyre

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Great graphic from Good Magazine that breaks down the plastic gyre in the pacific ocean. How you can reduce the growth of the plastic gyre: • STOP using plastic bags. No more plastic bags from the grocery store. No more products packaged in plastic bags. No more zip locks. Reuse the ones you have. I […]

Recycle your soft plastic at Cole Hardware!

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Just saw this today. I’m LOVING Cole Hardware! They only take a basketball size bag each visit but, it’s a start!

Ecoist ~ Billboard and Wrapper Bags

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Check this out. You can shop by movie title or candy wrapper for your next purse. Go to Ecoist and click the “Shop Wrapper” and “Shop Movie Title” options in the upper right hand corner of the screen. That’s way too much fun. I think the bar code style is the one for me. Ecoist […]

Dog Poo Bags

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Proof that good design can make just about anything look appealing. We’re not recommending these bags [because they incur more waste than they save, and a simple brown bag is also biodegradable], just appreciating the smart concept and fun creative.