Beautiful Street Art – Mentalgassi

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Apparently Banksy has been in San Francisco recently. He’s left his mark on a couple locations. A friend who’s also a a big fan of street art sent me a few websites covering the visit and some other hot artists. I was particularly impressed with Mentalgassi‘s image on this fence in Berlin. I did a […]

Dissecting the Gyre

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Great graphic from Good Magazine that breaks down the plastic gyre in the pacific ocean. How you can reduce the growth of the plastic gyre: • STOP using plastic bags. No more plastic bags from the grocery store. No more products packaged in plastic bags. No more zip locks. Reuse the ones you have. I […]

West Coast Green, October 1-3, San Francisco

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West Coast Green is coming up October 1-3 in San Francisco at the Fort Mason Center. It’s a great opportunity to see the future of green build and get familiar with the products and services that will be an integral part of our landscape in the years to come. A few of our clients have […]

Marvin Deal Construction

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A home is more than just the house where we reside. It is where we are inspired, where we recharge, where we escape from the hectic demands of work, where we live, play and love. No one understands this better than Marvin Deal of Marvin Deal Construction. Marvin has a true artisan approach to fine […]

A business guide to help prevent greenwashing…in your own company.

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“Understanding and Preventing Greenwash: A Business Guide ” was just published by BSR and Futerra Sustainability Communications. It’s a nice guide to help you understand and avoid greenwashing within your own company. I’m not going to lie. There were a couple of items that we need to work on here at DK Design. The guide […]

Create A Store, Sell Stuff

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Propell is a website program that allows you to build a store and sell merchandise. They target schools, groups, and non-profits. We’ve been helping to develop their marketing plan, designing graphics for their home page, and doing some competitor testing. Not only has the project been fun but we’re excited about the company’s mission. To […]