Capitalism & Sustainability. An Oxymoron?

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When a handful of people thrive while whole industries implode and millions suffer, it is clear that something is wrong with our economy. In Civilizing the Economy, Marvin Brown traces the origin of this mistake to early capitalism aptly illustrated by Adam Smith’s denial of the central role of slavery in wealth creation. In place […]

Linzie Hunter Spam Postcards

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Linzie Hunter is an illustrator in the UK who has developed art out of spam. I bought her postcard book which I love. You can pick one up here.

The “I Can Read Movies” Series

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Spacesick turned movie titles into book covers. Such a great design assignment.

Posted by on Nov 9, 2008 in Blog, Uncategorized | No Comments is a site that promotes healthy, local, sustainable food for all….with lots of informational links.

Modern Architecture ~ POP-UP Book

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The most innovative modern and contemporary architecture from around the world showcased in three-dimensional replication! We’ve pre-ordered ours here at Amazon. Lot’s of photos here. Accompanied by illustrations, photographs, and elaborate pop-ups, the talent and imagination of architects and builders of the modern era is brought to life in a POP-UP book. Ranging from the […]

World’s Coolest Houses Book ~ Submit Now!

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Their first book, the World’s Coolest Hotel Rooms, is available from Amazon. Published by Harper Collins Publishers (US – June 2) and designed by the Sydney based War Design, the inaugural Cool Hunter book will soon be followed by the next volume, the World’s Coolest Houses. To make that happen, they are on a furious […]