Skyscrapers as living organisms

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This fresh, new, and fascinating approach to sustainability and human population growth is truly awe inspiring. Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has redefined the conventional skyscraper. His 132 story complex for the south edge of Roosevelt Island addresses the pressing need for environmental and ecological sustainability. This conceptual design focuses on creating a completely self-sustaining organism […]

how can I make prefabricated building sections sound interesting?

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eh….i probably can’t. here’s a try. a new client, kama-EEBS, develops Energy Efficient Building Systems out of light guage steel and EXPANDED POLYSTYRENE. guess which component is the exciting one. yes, the expanded poly….and this is why. 1- SUPER light. a couple of construction workers can put up an average size house in a few […]

West Coast Green, San Jose

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West Coast Green concluded yesterday at the San Jose Convention Center. It’s the largest conference and expo on green innovation in green build. Al Gore’s keynote speech yesterday focused on the lack of attention that the climate crisis is getting in comparison to the financial meltdown. He said that Americans are avoiding and/or ignoring the […]

California Academy of Science

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The California Academy of Science opened today in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. We did a website for them awhile ago and it got me on their VIP list. I was invited to take a pre-opening tour last week under the condition that I could not post any photos until opening day, which was […]

California Adopts Green Building Code for All New Construction

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“By adopting this first-in-the-nation statewide green building code, California is again leading the way to fight climate change and protect the environment,” Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a statement released Thursday. More information here.

Flare Façade ~ A Building’s Skin

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If you’ve ever wondered what a kinetic ambient reflection membrane is and what it does, we’re about to show you. And if you already know, then you’re way ahead of the game. Check out this video and you’ll see the Flare façade acts as a building’s skin, and computer generation controls movement of a number […]

Dallas Animal Shelter

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Caught this on The Green on the Sundance Channel. Paul Curington, the operations manager of the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center, talks about how green shelters are vastly better for the health of the animals and make a big difference in energy and water conservation. This shelter would be a great place to adopt […]

The Pharos Project

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The Mission of the Pharos Project is to establish Pharos as the leading materials evaluation tool used by green building and procurement professionals. Through informed specification and selection of building materials, they want to measurably enhance the environmental, human health, and social benefits associated with the contemporary building industry, and contribute to a socially just […]

Green Exchange Building ~ Chicago

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Chicago is near and dear to my heart for several reasons, but lately it’s been because of its commitment to sustainable initiatives. These initiatives are transforming it into one of the greenest cities in the world. Unsurprisingly, the first large-scale shopping center in the United States devoted entirely to socially responsible products and services is […]