Beck Farm, Organic & Biodynamic Fruit Grove

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The 9th farm I visited was the Beck Farm in Fallbrook, CA. It’s an abundant & beautiful fruit grove producing 15 different crops, all of which are 100% organic and biodynamic.

Forbidden Fruit Orchard

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Farm eight was the beautiful Forbidden Fruit Orchards in Lompoc, CA. They grow organic blueberries on a portion of their 100 acre farm.

Earthbound Farms ~ Food to live by

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The sixth farm I went to was in Carmel, CA. Earthbound Farms is a collective of 150 organic farms who use the same farming methods developed 27 years ago in a small backyard garden.

Full Belly Farm

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The first farm I went to on my California Organic Farm Tour was Full Belly located in Guinda, CA. Guinda is in the Capay Valley in northern California.

California Organic Farm Tour

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California Organic Farm Tour, March 2011