Consumers want healthier foods and better packaging

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According to a new study of 1000 consumers in several counties conducted by Ipsos Marketing, Consumer Goods, the top three things consumers want from food manufacturers are: fresher ingredients, increased health benefits, and more environmentally friendly packaging. More information here at

Children’s Choice

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The mission of Children’s Choice is about more than just feeding children. It’s to lay the groundwork for a nutritionally responsible lifestyle by providing wholesome foods to fuel school children and educating & empowering them to make healthy choices. We couldn’t be happier to bring them in as a new client. Not only do they […]

God Likes Worms

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We’ve been worm composting for awhile now. I bought a container about 6 months ago from Smith & Hawken but you can get them much cheaper on here in the east bay. For worms, I went to Bay Worms at the Berkeley Farmer’s Market on Thursday. Mickey Jergin was happy to help me since […]

Organic Roach Coach

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At the LA based Green Truck company, serving healthy, gourmet organic food in a fast and efficient way is not enough. They believe that a healthy environment is tantamount to living a healthy life. The trucks run off of used vegetable oil and their food packaging containers are made from biodegradable products rather than plastics […]

Wordsmiths Unite ~ Feed the Hungry

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Put your craftsman-like skills to good use. This UN World Food Program game is completely addictive and your results are put to good use.

Posted by on Nov 9, 2008 in Blog, Uncategorized | No Comments is a site that promotes healthy, local, sustainable food for all….with lots of informational links.

Frog Hollow Farms

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We’re a little late on this one. Frog Hollow Farms asked us to do a take away piece for their booth at the Slow Food Nation ’08. They asked us for a very simple yet beautiful canvas to explain visually and verbally their legendary organic Cal Red peaches.

Earl’s Organics

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We’re very happy to get an organic produce company into our list of clients! This past year has been transformational, promoting DK Design in the Green Build, Green Interior Design, and to a lesser extent, Organic Foods industries. By bringing on Earl’s Organics….the sole 100% organic wholesale operation in the San Francisco Produce Market….we have […]