Growing Power Conference Logo & Brochure from DK Design Studio

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We are SO thrilled to be helping out Growing Power with their Conference materials. So far we’ve done their logo [based on an existing t-shirt logo] and their brochure. Next we’re working on redesigning the conference website. They have added Grace Lee Boggs to their list of speakers! The Conference is September 10~12th in […]

DK Design Studio Postcard for Pawsitively Wendy

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Cute little direct mail postcard we did for Pawsitively Wendy.

Check Your Home Energy Usage on Microsoft HOLM

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Our score was 63….not great coming from someone who promotes energy savings as a lifestyle. Luckily they have a bunch of tips, rebates, and offers to help you conserve! Click here to get your score. Only takes a second.

Beautiful Street Art – Mentalgassi

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Apparently Banksy has been in San Francisco recently. He’s left his mark on a couple locations. A friend who’s also a a big fan of street art sent me a few websites covering the visit and some other hot artists. I was particularly impressed with Mentalgassi‘s image on this fence in Berlin. I did a […]

Green Building Opportunity Index

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YAY SAN FRAN & OAKLAND! The Green Building Opportunity Index by BetterBricks and Cushman & Wakefield is the first office market assessment tool to provide weighted comparisons of top U.S. office markets on the basis of both real estate fundamentals and green development considerations. Focusing on the primary factors that influence successful development, retro-fitting, leasing […]

Party Time

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Fun party invitation that we designed.

Capitalism & Sustainability. An Oxymoron?

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When a handful of people thrive while whole industries implode and millions suffer, it is clear that something is wrong with our economy. In Civilizing the Economy, Marvin Brown traces the origin of this mistake to early capitalism aptly illustrated by Adam Smith’s denial of the central role of slavery in wealth creation. In place […]

DK Design Studio Store ~ Now Open

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It only took us 2 years but the DK Design Studio Store is now open. We’ve been doing a lot of work with PropellShops and this is more-or-less a testing site for their service. We’ll be adding a bunch more products in the coming weeks. Enjoy….comment….request items. DK Design Studio Store. You can also check […]