Light Blossom

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The Light Blossom was a Phillips Simplicity Event entry. Since 2005, the Simplicity Event has been one of their most inspiring and engaging avenues to demonstrate their commitment and leadership in delivering “sense and simplicity” to people. So simple, so complex, so beautiful. Tears. Welling. Light Blossom transforms the personality of any community from industrial […]

Skyscrapers as living organisms

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This fresh, new, and fascinating approach to sustainability and human population growth is truly awe inspiring. Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut has redefined the conventional skyscraper. His 132 story complex for the south edge of Roosevelt Island addresses the pressing need for environmental and ecological sustainability. This conceptual design focuses on creating a completely self-sustaining organism […]

World Future Energy Summit ~ Abu Dhabi

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The World Future Energy Summit wrapped up this past week. Popular topics included the cost of going green, the state of the economy and how it will effect progress, and the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States. 16,427 people from 79 countries visited 359 exhibitors at the 2nd World Future Energy […]

Financial crisis threatens green tax credits

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Article from the San Francisco Chronicle The Wall Street meltdown may have claimed another victim – the extension of federal tax credits vital to Silicon Valley’s green tech industry. Developers of big wind farms and solar installations rely on tax credits to help finance their projects, and those credits are set to expire at the […]

Architecture Harnessing Wind Power

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It’s probably not a surprise that an aero engineering company would be at the forefront of wind power technology. AV is developing small wind turbines that can sit atop buildings and generate power….harnessing the fast-moving current that comes over the parapet of most city buildings. They have a canopy option on the front that guards […]

Greener Printer

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Conduct your printing online using recycled papers and a green certified company. Berkeley based GreenerPrinter delivers top-notch quality while helping your organization to keep with its green mission. And they’re 100% Wind-Powered via Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s). We used Greener Printer for a recent project. They were professional, the price was very competitive, the quality […]