Todd Jersey Architecture ~ Marketing and Collateral Templates

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We just finished up a template project for Todd Jersey Architecture, a client based here in Berkeley, CA. They are a green firm….the first in the world to design a LEED gold certified hotel!

The templates were designed to target their vast audience base. TJA’s work covers new homes, schools, commercial buildings, remodels, multi-family homes and developments, churches, retail, historical buildings, hotels, and environmental buildings. These templates, along with their other presentation materials, provide a clear communication of their capabilities.

“Used the templates officially for the first time and they are great. Makes our overall package look so professional. We now have some solid, forward-looking marketing materials.” ~ Susan Andres, Director of Marketing


We also designed MS Word templates [see below] so they can simply add photos and copy and then run these templates thru their office printer. This is an ideal solution for architects and builders who want the flexibility to personalize correspondence for their high-level client base without losing the professional consistency of their brand. In addition, we’ve found a green paper and printing source that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!


blank printed template


template showing MS Word images and copy in place