Wall Murals All Grown Up

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Remember back in the 70’s when everyone had a “cool” mural on their wall? I think I had clouds on one wall and silver wall paper on the others. Yeah…

Well, forget about all that crap. MAXALOT has combined the wall mural concept with modern art to create some of the most amazing wallpaper.

The site shows you the art, an example of the art on a wall, and a quick review of the artist or studio that developed the piece. Beware lest you get lost in the site. It’s addictive.

The Holland based company hopes to introduce leading names in graphic design, photography and illustration to a broad audience. There’s so much cutting edge fantastic digital art going on in the world. Maxalot is a great place to explore some of the best all in one website.

Here’s just a couple of examples. There are many, many more.

Here’s a link to the first collection.

Here’s a link to the second collection.