West Coast Green, San Jose

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West Coast Green concluded yesterday at the San Jose Convention Center. It’s the largest conference and expo on green innovation in green build.

Al Gore’s keynote speech yesterday focused on the lack of attention that the climate crisis is getting in comparison to the financial meltdown. He said that Americans are avoiding and/or ignoring the problems and the rest of the world is watching. They all point to the United States and say, “If the united states isn’t doing it, why should we?”

He proposed that in 10 years the US should get 100% of its electricity from renewable sources.

The crowed was moved by the speech, at times giving him a standing ovation.

In the exhibit itself there was a SG Blocks shipping container home which was made out of 5 containers. Apparently, the world has an abundance of these containers and using them can prove sound [they will stand thru hurricanes and earthquakes], inexpensive [$500-$200 per container], and green since they are being reused [as they like to call it Value-Cycling]. The home itself was beautiful. The 1700 sq ft home did not look like shipping containers but more like a modern pre-fab house. The interior and exterior were designed by several partners who took advantage of forward-thinking sustainable ideas and products like Ecofabulous and Modwalls.

Here’s more shots of the show on my Flickr site.