What is Green Graphic Design?

Posted by on Dec 16, 2010 in Blog | No Comments

Recently, several people have asked me to define green graphic design.

That, hopefully, is an indication of increased awareness of a green option when choosing a graphic design or marketing team.

I’ll break it into these areas:

A green creative team will help a client transition their outreach to more responsible sustainable and green choices. For example, if you are printing and mailing monthly direct mail postcards or flyers, a green team will offer up options. You could print every other month and then the missing months could be filled with a digital newsletter. This not only saves 50% of your carbon footprint for the direct mail [paper, printing, delivery, etc] it will save you a good chunk of money on the costly expense of printing.

A green team will help you convert your work environment to a green office. They suggest a variety of solutions including recycling/composting cans, recycling paper [saving $ on office supplies], buying sustainable/recycled/ethical products, etc. You’re wondering why is this a function of the creative team. Mainly because the overlap offers fantastic fodder for marketing outreach [blogging, twitter, facebook, etc]. In addition, you become a viable resource for a whole segment of companies and individuals that only buy from green certified companies. This group, as would have guessed, is growing rapidly. A green creative team will have lists and marketing opportunities for that audience.

When you hire a green graphic design studio you are hiring a team that has a green office [and may be certified], will use green vendors [like printers & web hosting services], and will have an arsenal of green marketing outreach ideas [like digital newsletters and indepth successful social networking marketing plans]. Not only will they provide you with ideas and solutions, you’ll also be building morale with your employees and educating them on how to transition to a more healthy lifestyle.

A green creative team can potentially open up a new segment of customers, especially if they focus on a niche market. We specialize in Green Build & Organic Foods. When we get a new client in one of our segments there is an opportunity to introduce that client to our network. Green companies tend to be very passionate about sustainability and loyal to the cause. Becoming a sustainable business positions you in a growth market.

Hope that helps. Please contact us for a free green creative team consultation [say that 3 times fast].