You’re so plastic.

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Plastic waste is increasing, recycling rates are down, and we’re only using 25% of our nations recycling capacity.

Here’s some quick and easy advice to help you understand and participate in plastic recycling.

Since the 1980’s most plastic products have been labeled with one of seven codes indicating the type of material they are made from. These are the familiar numbers and letters inside the “chasing arrows” found on the bottom of the containers.


In Alameda, curbside collection accepts all 7 types, which is rare…..and wonderful.

You can check this website to see what types of plastics are accepted where you live

Here’s a list of the different types and how they are used after being recycled.


If you haven’t yet, start a recycling program at your home or office. Here’s a great site that can get you started

Make it easy for your employees to participate. We have put recycling receptacles under every desk.


And finally “reassess” your choices. Give preference to products made from recycled content and try to choose plastics that can be recycled in your community.